UP Board Solutions for Class 12 English Translation Chapter 4 Conditional Complex and Compound Sentences

UP Board Solutions

UP Board Solutions for Class 12 English Translation Chapter 4 Conditional Complex and Compound Sentences

UP Board Solutions for Class 12 English Translation Chapter 4 Conditional, Complex and Compound Sentences are part of UP Board Solutions for Class 12 English. Here we have given UP Board Solutions for Class 12 English Translation Chapter 4 Conditional, Complex and Compound Sentences.

UP Board Solutions for Class 12 English Translation Chapter 4 Conditional, Complex and Compound Sentences

Exercise 1

  1. If Ram had not gone to exile, King Dashratha would not have died.
  2. If you tease the dog, it will bite you.
  3. If you throw stones in mud, you will spoil your clothes.
  4. If he were rich, he would help the poor.
  5. If you guide me, I will get first division.
  6. If you come with me, I shall show you the way.
  7. If you want to be a leader, learn to make a good speech.
  8. If it had rained heavily today, many clerks would not have come to the office.
  9. If my father had not fallen ill, I would have given the examination.
  10. If the government work for the welfare of the public, the public will like it.
  11. If you lose the match, you should not lose heart.
  12. He speaks loudly as if he were a loudspeaker.
  13. If you speak the truth, all will respect you.
  14. If I go to Agra, I shall bring some toys for you.
  15. What would happen if you are caught red-handed.
  16. If you listen to the teacher, you can solve every question.
  17. If the dogs had barked, the thieves would not have come into the locality.
  18. If it had rained in time, the crops would not have faded.
  19. If you waste time, you will repent in the end.
  20. If the monkey had come in the garden, he would have ruined all the plants.

Exercise 2

  1. You can get a job provided you submit your application before time.
  2. He can be rich on the condition that he knows the tricks of a good businessman.
  3. You can get respect everywhere provided you work for public welfare.
  4. All people are ready to lend you money provided you return their money well in time.
  5. You can get relaxation in the tax provided you invest some money in National Savings Certificates.
  6. All people will love you so long as you also love them.
  7. The doctor is ready to operate on this patient provided that he deposits his fee.
  8. You can recover from your illness provided you take medicine daily.
  9. You will never fall ill so long as you regularly go for a walk and take light food.
  10. You can win the heart of your parents and teachers provided you respect and obey them.

Exercise 3

  1. I do not care whether he lives or dies.
  2. Whether he remembers me or not, I can never forget him.
  3. Whether the doctor reaches in time or not, the patient cannot be saved.
  4. Whether he writes Hindi or English, he should write neatly.
  5. Anyone,. whether he travels by a train or a bus, must buy the ticket.
  6. Whether we write or speak any language, we must follow the rules of grammar.
  7. Whether we live in India or in a foreign country, we should not forget our motherland.
  8. Whether we are on a high post or low, we should be sincere in our work.
  9. Whether we grow food grains in ins in our fields or vegetables, we must use manure.
  10. Whether we are in the school or the playground, we should be disciplined.
  11. Whether you are sick or not, you should walk for sometime daily.
  12. Whether he comes or not, I will go to meet him tomorrow.
  13. Whether you succeed or fail, you should not lose heart.
  14. Whether the teacher comes to the class or not, you should not leave it.
  15. Whether it is cold or hot, you should only eat as much as is necessary.

Exercise 4

  1. Whether children or old people all like to watch T.V.
  2. Whether market or cinema hall, all are over crowded.
  3. Whether educated or uneducated, all enjoyed the play.
  4. Whether men or women, all are living in the world of fashion.
  5. Whether goddess or god, all are worshipped.
  6. Whether temple or mosque, all are religious places.
  7. Whether leader or government officer, all cheat the public.
  8. Whether a villager or a city man all are sad with present conditions.
  9. Whether potato or onion everything is costly.
  10. Whether medicine or edibles everything is adulterated.

Exercise 5

  1. No one knows where is the prime minister going.
  2. It is the mystery how the thief entered the house.
  3. I don’t know if that man is innocent.
  4. You admitted that you had made a mistake.
  5. He can’t tell why am I laughing.
  6. The saints prayed that this child might live long.
  7. This is clear that he will be the finance minister.
  8. There is no truth in what you say.
  9. I believed that you were honest.
  10. The teacher asked me why I had been absent for two days.
  11. All accept that he is a gentleman.
  12. The conductor asked the passenger why he had not bought the ticket.
  13. He informed me when he would leave India.
  14. It is true that the sun is hot.
  15. Tell me how old you are.

Exercise 6

  1. The boy who is not rich cannot help you.
  2. He has no book which he may read.
  3. Return the money which I gave you yesterday.
  4. I know the reason why he sent his servant to me.
  5. He is not that teacher who may prove to be helpful.
  6. You should do the questions which are important.
  7. This is the flower which you like.
  8. The people who are industrious get joy.
  9. The train which is coming from Lucknow is late by an hour.
  10. Do you know the way which leads to the post office?
  11. All people like the song which Lata Mangeshkar sings.
  12. This is the dog which can find out the thieves.
  13. This is the place where the tailor was murdered.
  14. Where is the man who had criticized you ?
  15. The story which my grandmother had told was very interesting.

Exercise 7

  1. As soon as the train arrived, all the passengers got into it.
  2. The teacher will not talk to him until he asks for pardon.
  3. As soon as the lion heard the noise, he ran into the forest.
  4. I could not go to the office because it was raining very heavily.
  5. He passed his time in social work so that he might become popular.
  6. He is so poor that he can’t buy all his books.
  7. Although he is poor he is honest.
  8. If he does not work hard, he will not pass.
  9. The train had started before I reached.
  10. I am so helpless that I can’t leave my house.
  11. Sheela worked so hard that she came first.
  12. My brother was married when he was in class XI.
  13. I can’t go there until my father allows me.
  14. You would have been selected for the post if you had sent in the application.
  15. He is so clever that nobody can deceive him.
  16. As soon as the teacher entered the class, all the students stood up.
  17. When I heard the telephone ring, someone knocked at the door.
  18. I had hardly slept soundly, I dreamt.
  19. As soon as the patient took medicine, he died immediately.
  20. As soon as the police reached, all the criminals fled.

Exercise 8

  1. Hurry otherwise you will miss the train.
  2. I went to the teacher and requested him to teach me.
  3. He was not only beaten but also punished.
  4. He went for walking daily but he fell ill.
  5. He is not only fat but also ugly.
  6. The doctor did not come on time so the patient died.
  7. We saw not only a circus at the fair but also a film.
  8. Though he could not do his papers well yet he hoped to pass.
  9. Either we shall face the enemy or shall sacrifice our life.
  10. Neither shall we vote in your favour nor shall oppose you.
  11. He went to the doctor and took medicine from him.
  12. He does not reach his office in time yet his officer is pleased with him.
  13. He is a leader as well as a saint.
  14. The sky was covered with clouds but it did not rain.
  15. It was pleasant weather so we went for walking.

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