UP Board Solutions for Class 10 Home Science गृह विज्ञान

UP Board Solutions

UP Board Solutions for Class 10 Home Science गृह विज्ञान


UP Board Class 10 Home Science Solutions in Hindi Medium

UP Board Class 10 Home Science Solutions in English Medium

  • Chapter 1 Family Budget
  • Chapter 2 Investment of Savings
  • Chapter 3 Cleanliness of the Home
  • Chapter 4 Disposal of Waste and Sanitation
  • Chapter 5 Home Decoration
  • Chapter 6 Household Mathematics
  • Chapter 7 Water Sources: Utilisation and Purification
  • Chapter 8 Water-Borne Diseases
  • Chapter 9 Environmental Pollution and its Effects on Human-Beings
  • Chapter 10 Some General Diseases, Causes and Prevention
  • Chapter 11 Tailoring Kit: Baby Frock or Kurta, Payajama or Petticoat
  • Chapter 12 Washing of Clothes and their Care
  • Chapter 13 Kitchen Management
  • Chapter 14 Care and Cleaning of Kitchen
  • Chapter 15 Basic Methods of Cooking, Serving and Preservation of Food Values
  • Chapter 16 Patient’s Diet in Various Diseases
  • Chapter 17 Human Skeletal System and Joints
  • Chapter 18 Fracture and Sprain
  • Chapter 19 Elementry Knowledge of Respiratory System
  • Chapter 20 Natural and Artificial Respiration
  • Chapter 21 Transfer of Accidentee by Hand Methods
  • Chapter 22 Sponging, Fomentation, Vaporization and Use of Ice-Bag
  • Chapter 23 Chart of Pulse Beating, Breathing Rate and Body Temperature

UP Board Class 10 Home Science Syllabus

Note: The paper will be of 70 marks to be solved within 3 hours.

Section A: Home Management (15 Marks)

  • Budget presentation by the teacher.
  • Income, expenditure and saving through the post office and bank.
  • Home cleanliness and decoration.
  • Home Arithmetic, decimals, adding, division, deduction, multiplication in reference to (Rs. paise, kilogram, grams, metre, centimetre) percentage, profit, loss and easy calculation of simple interest.

Section B: Health Care (15 Marks)

  • Water: Sources of Water
  • How to purify water by a domestic method.
  • Diseases caused by polluted water.
  • Environmental pollution and its effect on human beings.
  • Reasons of some general ailments and their remedies: Small-pox, Chicken-pox, Khasra, Diptheria, Hooping cough, Titaness, T.B., Typhoid fever, Dysentery, Loose motion, Cholera, Food poisoning, Yellow Fever, Meningitis, Rabies, Hepatitis, Dengue Fever, Chikunsrunva. Filaria.

Section C: Cloths and Science of Fibres (10 Marks)

  • Sewing kit: Baby frock or kurta, trousers or petticoat (by hand or sewing machine).
  • Cleaning of clothes and its care, method of washing and ironing.

Section D: Food and Nutrition (15 Marks)

  • Kitchen room and its management, Care and Cleanliness.
  • Method of cooking and serving and preservation of food-stuffs.
  • Food to the patients during illness and after an illness of following diseases: High and paratyphoid fever, diarrhoea, dysentery, typhoid, malaria, tuberculosis and heat stroke.

Section E: First-aid and Home Nursing (15 Marks)

  • Human Skeleton system and joints.
  • Fracture and sprain.
  • Elementary knowledge of the respiratory system.
  • Natural and artificial respiration.
  • Transfer of accidentee by hand method.
  • Sponge, fomentation, vaporisation and use of ice-bag.
  • Pulse, breathing and preparation of temperature chart.

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