UP Board Solutions for Class 10 Commerce in Hindi Medium

UP Board Solutions for Class 10 Commerce वाणिज्य

UP Board Solutions for Class 10 Commerce in Hindi Medium

खण्ड अ : बहीखाता।

खण्ड ब : व्यापार प्रणाली

खण्ड स : अधिकोषण तत्त्व

खण्ड द : अर्थशास्त्र

UP Board Solutions for Class 10 Commerce in English Medium

Section 1: Book-keeping

Section 2: Business Method

Section 3: Banking

Section 4: Economics

UP Board Class 10 Commerce Syllabus

Instruction: There will be one paper of Commerce of 70 marks.

Final Account: Trading, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet including General Adjustment Entries. Bank Reconciliation Statement as Per Pass-book’ and Cashbook. General Entries for Cheque, Bill of Exchange, Hundi and Promissory Note.

Filing, Indexing and Communication Systems, Time and Labour Saving Appliances in Business Office: Punching Machine, Time Record Machine, Photo State Machine, Typewriter and general use of Calculating Machine. Home Trade: Wholesale and Retail Trade, Invoice and Sale Accounts.

Bank: Origin, Definition. Work and Importance: Reserve Bank of India, State Bank of India, Commercial Banks, Co-operative Bank and General Study of Indigenous Bankers.

Law of diminishing Marginal Utility, Meaning, Relation and Social Importance of Expenditure and Saving. Meaning, Characteristics and Importance of Factors of Production.

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